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The Chakras




Chakras or energy centres are the paths through which energy circulates.

Located at the most sensitive parts of the body, they transform cosmic and telluric energy into life energy.
Each of us has a specific and unique energy structure.

Balanced chakras lead to “ultimate well-being”


VIOLET - Crown Chakra

The violet chakra is located at the top of the head. Violet is the linking colour, connecting a person with his/her cosmic dimension…

Element : Inner light
Sense : Empathy
Identity :

Universal consciousness - Serenity - Self-knowledge - Artistic - Wisdom
Pineal gland - Nervous system

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Identity: Self knowledge, spiritual awareness
Characteristics: Self scarifying in the service of others, life philosophy, Idealism
Area of consciousness: Higher self, spiritual or causal body, cosmic consciousness
Physical organs: Top of the head, brain
Glands: Pineal
System: Nervous
Life Lessons: Lessons related to spirituality, and connection to our own higher self
Governs: Soul, Universal Consciousness
Element: Inner Light
Sense: Empathy
Physical issues: Lack of energy, depression, retreating within, becoming a recluse. Sensitivity to light and / or sound. Inability to concentrate. Confusion. Problems linked to the nervous system
core issues:
A feeling of not belonging on earth. Wishing to disconnect from everyday life. Worrying about humanity, the environment, longing for world peace. (These people need to be grounded and reconnected to their faith, inspiration and the power of love.)

INDIGO - 3rd Eye Chakra

The Indigo chakra is located on the forehead, between the eyes, and is known as “the third eye”. Indigo is the colour of knowledge. Reason says I analyse, I understand, and then I am in control. Intuition functions as I feel, I know and I react…

Element : Inner sound
Sense :
Extrasensory perception
Identity : Archetypal

Spiritual awareness – Self-image - Power - Psychic - Pituitary gland
Endocrine system

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Identity: Self responsibility, trusting one’s intuition, “visionary”
Characteristics: Intuitive, Faithful, Clear sighted, Integrity, Ordering mind
Area of consciousness: Higher Spiritual Center of awareness
Physical organs: Eyes, lower head, sinuses
Glands: Pituitary
System: Endocrine
Life Lessons: Lessons related to mind, intuition, insight, and wisdom
Governs: ESP, Individual Consciousness
Element: Inner Sound
Sense: Extra sensory perception (ESP)
Physical issues: Headaches, Sinus problems, neurological problems, Visual defects, Ear problems, learning disabilities
core issues:
Confusion, feelings of inadequacy, lack of openness to ideas or wishes to learn. Lack of co-operation. Difficulty in learning from experience. Emotional disconnect.

BLUE - Throat Chakra

The Blue chakra runs through the whole brain. If Indigo gives overall intuitive knowledge and yellow rational, analytical knowledge, blue integrates them both to help one’s being evolve. It is the colour of expression and communication…

Element : Ether
Sense :
Identity :

Expression - Receptive - Intuition - Sincere - Thyroid gland - Growth metabolism

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Identity: Self expression, communication, Spirit of truth & purpose
Characteristics: Loyal, trustworthy, tactful, calm
Area of consciousness: First of the three Higher Spiritual Centers of Consciousness
Physical organs: Throat and vocal chords and lungs.
Glands: Thyroid
System: Metabolism
Life Lessons: Lessons related self-expression, power and will
Governs: Communication, Expression of thought and feelings, Power
Element: Fire
Sense: Hearing
Physical issues: Throat problems, breathing diseases, thyroid problems, instability of weight, joint problems, scoliosis
core issues:
Inability to express or create, no strength of will. Addiction, Inability to follow a dream or make decisions. Lack of faith. Judgment and criticism

GREEN - Heart Chakra

The Green chakra lies in the middle of the chest. The heart is the organ with which we love, in an affectionate way, ourselves and others. Loving ourselves enables us to go on existing. Existing, so far as affection is concerned, is accepting others’ love and loving them…

Element : Air
Sense :
Identity : Social

Generous - Perception of love - Encouraging - Thymus gland - Circulatory, respiratory and immune systems

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Identity: Social, Love, give & take unconditionally
Characteristics: Compassion, generosity, harmony/balance, loving
Area of consciousness: Higher Mental Body / Higher Emotional Energies
Physical organs: The heart, circulatory system, breast.
Glands: Immune
System: Thymus
Life Lessons: Lessons related to love (of self and others) forgiveness, and compassion
Governs: Love, compassion, and unconditional acceptance of others, Caring
Element: Air
Sense: Touch
Physical issues: Allergies, circulatory disorders, immune system weakness, heart diseases
core issues:
Lack of love, of self and / or others. Bitterness, resentment, grief, anger, loneliness. Sense of abandonment. Lack of commitment hope and trust

YELLOW - Solar Plexus Chakra

The Yellow chakra is located between the navel and the solar plexus. Yellow symbolises the digestive control system of all that we absorb: intellectual knowledge, knowing, emotions, events, beliefs…

Element : Fire
Sense : Vision
Identity :

Intellect - Control - Curiosity - Self definition - Thought - Pancreas

Muscular system - Digestive system

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Identity: Self worth, Perception of oneself & perception from others, ego, intellect
Characteristics: Confident, Alert, dynamic, optimistic, good humoured
Area of consciousness: Higher Astral / Lower (material) Mental
Physical organs: Liver, stomach, gall bladder, spleen
Glands: Pancreas
System: Nervous, Digestive
Life Lessons: Lessons related to our self-respect, self-esteem, and personality
Governs: Thought, opinions, and judgments
Element: Fire
Sense: Vision
Physical issues: Arthritis, colon/intestinal problems, diabetes, indigestion, anorexia / bulimia, liver dysfunction
core issues:
Lack of trust, self-esteem, self-respect, confidence. Seeking approval. Lack of life purpose. Difficulty in making decisions. Sensitivity to criticism, over analytical

ORANGE - Sacral Chakra

Orange radiates through the lower abdomen and in the sensory dimension of the organs: pleasure, joy, and creativity. The colour is associated with the joy of life, vitality, pleasure and enjoyment; this warm tone, colour of epicureans, awakens the senses and sharpens emotions…

Element : Water
Sense :
Identity : Emotional

Stimulation - Sensations - Appetite – Re-energising - Creativity - Gonads gland Reproduction & Assimilation system

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Identity: Self respect, freedom to be ourselves, give importance to relation ship with others
Characteristics: Sociable, creative, joyous, Independent
Area of consciousness: Etheric body / Lower Astral
Physical organs: Kidneys, bladder, Uterus, small intestine
Glands: Gonads
System: Reproduction, Assimilation
Life Lessons: Sexuality, work, motivation, creativity and joy, Appetite, Feelings
Governs: Creativity, and sexuality
Element: Water
Sense: Taste
Physical issues: Chronic lower back pain, sciatica, pelvic pain, gynecological problems, sexual impotency or addiction, urinary problems
core issues:
Feelings of blame or guilt, lack of power, or control. Inability to be creative

RED - Base Chakra

The colour related to the maternal. It determines feelings of security and the connection with objects and material things. The colour of sensoriality. It opens
the way to sensuality and affects all the sensory organs which enable one to take a hold on life…

Element : Earth
Sense : Smell
Identity :

Vitality- Power - Passion - Energy - Adrenal gland - Elimination system - Skeleton Lymph

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Identity: Self awareness, Survival, Stability, Security
Characteristics: Assertiveness, courage, strength of will, pioneering
Area of consciousness: Physical body
Physical organs: The gonads, the spinal column, hips, legs
Glands: Adrenals
System: Skeleton, Lymph
Life Lessons: Lessons related to the material world, stability and safety
Governs: Survival, Power, Motivation, Intent, Pleasure
Element: Earth
Sense: Smell
Physical issues: Chronic lower back pain, sciatica, varicose veins, intestine disorders, hips, leg or feet pains
core issues:
Feeling of insecurity, fearful
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